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Happy people want to make other people happy.

We ended the last blog with a great quote from Spurgeon about how the sentence above is true of God. He is the happiest person in the universe and He wants to make us happy, like Him. That’s one of the great characteristics of happy people. They want to share their happiness with others.

David, in awe of his happy God, sat at the feet of his Teacher in order to learn His ways. That what’s we saw in verse 12 of Psalm 119.

So what happens next? Well, what happens when you discover something amazing? I’m going to bet that your tendency is to tell others about it — and that’s exactly what David does.

With my lips I proclaim
All the judgments from Your mouth.
I rejoice in the way revealed by your decrees
As much as in all riches.
Psalm 119:13-14


Like I said, happy people want to make others happy. God wants us to be like Him – happy! And as we become like God, we’ll find a burning desire grow within us to share this happiness with others.It’s one of the most natural things in the world. I talk about this a lot as we lead worship. When we experience something amazing, we can’t help but tell others about it. C.S. Lewis goes as far to say that we can’t even fully enjoy something until we praise and share it with someone else. Exclaiming and sharing are the things we naturally do when we encounter something amazing. That’s why David’s natural response was to proclaim and rejoice in all that he learned in verse 12.

I have a mental picture of David sitting like a kid at the feet of His God. He is a bundle of excitement, but it’s a torn excitement. He is loving what He’s hearing — it’s literally changing His life for the better – and he just wants more and more. At the same time, he can barely sit still. He is fidgety and borderline anxious because He is just dying to share what he’s learning with others.

What we learn in secret we are to proclaim on housetops. As much as he had known he had spoken…these it is our duty to repeat, becoming, as it were, so many exact echoes of His one infallible voice.
There is a thrill — a greater happiness to be had in sharing the things that make us happy. But there is also a lesser known benefit to teaching and proclaiming the things we know:
By teaching we learn.

Teaching other people what we know helps us process and even relearn what we already know. It drives the knowledge deeper because it forces us meditate on it as we consider how to fully share what we know.

The more that we learn how to be happy, the more we’ll find within ourselves an urge and a desire to share what we learn with others. And the more that we share, the more we will learn. It’s an ever-giving cycle, a fountain of happiness.God’s ways are the path to happiness. I’m not sure if you believe that right now or not. If I’m honest, there are times in my life when I’m skeptical. But anytime I lean into His ways, I re-taste for myself that, indeed, this is where deep and rich happiness is found. His judgements are accurate — our judgements are faulty. I’m praying and hoping that we can trust and believe this enough to sit and learn at His feet and then proclaim them from whatever housetop we might find.