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    Ceremony Music

    We love getting to celebrate marriage by singing in weddings! We often get the chance to sing our song “Two Becoming One” in various weddings across the country. We’d love to come and sing in your wedding as well! We’ve also led worship, sung hymns…Emily even sang “Ave Maria” in a beautiful wedding not to long ago. We really just want to serve you on your big day so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to talk with us more

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    Reception Music

    We’re no full-blown cover band, but we have helped with the reception music for several weddings! We’ve got a sound system that we’d be happy to bring with us and we’d love to sing for you special “first” dance along with anything else you’d need musically. While we’re not a cover band (I’m thinking dancing trumpets and back-up singers…hehe) we do love singing covers and have a whole list ready to go. However, we’re also happy to learn something new!

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    Coordinating Help

    Emily has helped so many of our brides figure out what music would be best for their big day. She’s also go a lot of experience in figuring out service order and flow along with troubleshooting common roadblocks that most brides are unaware exist. If you end up hiring us for your wedding, Emily is more than happy to help you plan out the music for your wedding.

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