Special Events

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    Camps & Retreats

    We love leading worship for camps of all ages! Kids camps, student camps, family and marriage retreats…we just love getting to spend a focused period of time in worship at these events. You might have noticed that we’re often an “acoustic” group. Have no fear! If you’re wanting a bigger sound for your event, we’ve got an arsenal of amazing Nashville instrumentalist that would be happy to join us for your event. Our desire is to serve you and so we would love to adapt what we do to your needs.

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    We love these special weekends with students! We love not only getting to lead worship, what makes these special to us is the chance to engage and connect with one particular group for an extend period of time. We’re happy to go more “acoustic” or “big, full band.” We want to fit into what would serve you and your group the best. We also would love to help lead your whole church body that next Sunday morning if that is something you would be interested in.

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    Corporate Chaplains of America, Christian Camps Conference of America, North American Christian Convention, Illinois Baptist State Association…these are a few of the folks we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past few years. If you need a worship group for your multi-day event or conference, we’d love to talk with you more about how we could serve you.

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    School Chapels

    We love getting to sing at various school chapels through the years! From elementary to college universities, we love getting to use these opportunities to share our songs and our hearts with students. We love leading worship at these events, but since our concert sets are much like a musical Bible-study, it creates an opportunity for also to fill the role of “speaker” for the day. If that’s something that would serve you and your group, then we’d love to talk with you more about it!

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