Reading Isn’t Enough

I wasn’t born with a great desire to read. As a high schooler I remember seeing my youth pastor’s daughter (maybe 8 or 9 at the time) devouring books. That wasn’t me as a kid. I was a bike riding, trampoline jumping, social butterfly kind-of …

Worship Requires Work

God made you! And He made you for good works that He has prepared ahead of time. Becoming all that God made you to be and doing all that God made you to accomplish is a big part of your worship.

A Prayer For the Wanderer

One of the scariest things about being human is knowing that even if we pursue the Lord with all our heart — we still have the potential to wander. David (the likely writer of Psalm 119) was highly aware of this tendency within himself. He …

My Love, My Ever-Present

The day I realized that I was known and understood by God Himself changed my life. It meant I no longer had to work so hard to “prove” myself of to be understood by others. I was known (all the good and bad) and cherished …

What Do You See?

Do you always see things clearly? Are you so sure that your perspective is always accurate? Well, most of the time, it’s probably not! How we see life has a big impact on how we worship.

5 Keys In the Pursuit of Purity

Do you desire purity? Let’s be honest, purity is a hard thing to come by today. It’s definitely not “just going to happen.” If we want to be pure, we’re going to have to pursue purity. But, for me, this is one of those “ledges” …

When Jumping Off The Ledge

Have you ever felt resolved and confident – but terrified at the same time? Take New Years for example — a lot of people make “resolutions” for the coming year. I too have made many resolutions in my short 30 years — and in the …

Man of Sorrows – Music Video

This has quickly become one of our favorite songs to lead in worship. It’s a great revelation and response song. As we consider the true story of what Jesus has done for us, our souls can’t help but cry out “Praise and honor unto Thee!”

How Sex Impacts Worship

What we do with our bodies matters to God. In fact, we learn from the Word that what we do with our physical bodies has a big impact on our spiritual worship.