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When God speaks, creation happens.

I don’t remember where I first heard the sentence above, but I know that it had an impact on my life. It helped me to see that the words of God are full of power.

Power to create. Power to transform and shape. Power to move the immovable. Power to cut to the very heart (the very marrow – Hebrews 4:12) of an person or an issue.

One thing I know, no one who spends time in the Word will walk away the same. Isaiah 55:11 is pretty clear that His Word never, NEVER, returns void. Something will happen when God speaks to you. It will have an impact on your life one way or another.

A large part of what made Jesus so controversial was His words. He just kept saying stuff that people couldn’t ignore. They had to actually deal with what He was saying. They had to truly confront within themselves whether or not they believe Him. Today, many might brush Him off as just a good moral teacher. But that just simply wasn’t possible if you were to hear Him speak live. 

His Word had an effect. It polarized. It sifted. It brought out the best and worst in those that encountered it. It softened hearts and it hardened hearts.

Simply put, His words never returned void. They always accomplished something.

The same is true today. The Word of God is inescapably powerful. If we don’t change the Word, it will change us. If we dive into the fullness of what God has to say to us through it, we will be forever impacted. 

This is another reason why we love to sing the Word. Not only is it incredibly beautiful (good fodder for an artist), but it has the power to change lives!

This is yet another filter by which we can approach the Word. What would happen if we approached God’s Word as if it had life-altering power? What if we approached His Word expecting it to powerfully change us?

My guess is that many of us don’t often approach God’s Word this way. For most of my life, I didn’t either. Even still, there are many days when I forget the power I hold it my hands when I’m reading the Word.

But one of our missions is to encourage us all to look for it. What would happen if stopped approaching the Word like it’s a boring check off a list of things we should do today and started approaching it believing that it is beautiful, powerful, life-giving, and helpful?

Anybody have a story of how the Word has done something powerful in your life? I know that I would be encouraged and I’m sure others would as well.