My Love, My Ever-Present

The day I realized that I was known and understood by God Himself changed my life. It meant I no longer had to work so hard to “prove” myself of to be understood by others. I was known (all the good and bad) and cherished (in spite of the good and the bad). Loved by a Creator who cares about the smallest detail – who formed my body and personality in birth, and who was/is even more intimately involved in my spiritual “rebirth.” Thankful for a loving Creator. Thankful to know that I didn’t evolve from some random sludge of happenstance – but that I was designed with purpose, intention, and love.

The music video this week features our pals from Mosaic (whom we toured with for 2.5 years!) This song has been featured on a LifeWay compilation and is now available in LifeWay stores. If you enjoy the song, please pass it along to a friend or two. Love ya’ll!

You can purchase the entire album (including this song!) for only $5 here:

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