Coffee Can’t Help Me With This

I love coffee — and I probably rely on it too much for all my energizer bunny-like activity! But when life gets heavy and I get weary, I’m thankful for this verse — because no amount of coffee can get me through.

How To Be Rich

What would you be willing to do if you were offered a million dollars? It’s interesting to think about what we might “sacrifice” or pursue if we knew that it would make us rich. But what if there is something we can run after that …

This Changes My Life!

What has the ability to take a old thorny bush and magically transform it into a beautiful flourishing tree? The same thing that is able to transform you and me.

Is Your Spirit Hangry?

Did you know you and I need more than food to truly live? I know, hard to believe! Jonathan and I joke all the time about how hangry we can get…hungry and angry!! But I’m more prone to deprive my soul of the food it …

Why Do We Need A Call To Worship?

Why does the Bible tell us to sing over and over and over again? Sing praise to God, sing praise; sing praise to our King, sing praise! Psalm 47:5

Completing Our Enjoyment

Our kids, that great new movie we just watched, or even a good milkshake — all of these things show us that we are wired to praise! But why do we feel such a need to exclaim about the things we enjoy? Why is almost …

Milkshake Worship

Have you ever had an earth-shattering milkshake? I have — and here’s what happened next. It’s amazing how God uses the simple everyday things to reveal deep truths.

Worship Requires Work

God made you! And He made you for good works that He has prepared ahead of time. Becoming all that God made you to be and doing all that God made you to accomplish is a big part of your worship.

What Do You See?

Do you always see things clearly? Are you so sure that your perspective is always accurate? Well, most of the time, it’s probably not! How we see life has a big impact on how we worship.