Milkshake Worship

Have you ever had an earth-shattering milkshake? I have — and here’s what happened next. It’s amazing how God uses the simple everyday things to reveal deep truths.

Worship Requires Work

God made you! And He made you for good works that He has prepared ahead of time. Becoming all that God made you to be and doing all that God made you to accomplish is a big part of your worship.

Man of Sorrows – Music Video

This has quickly become one of our favorite songs to lead in worship. It’s a great revelation and response song. As we consider the true story of what Jesus has done for us, our souls can’t help but cry out “Praise and honor unto Thee!”

The Way To Be Happy

I want to invite you on a journey. I’m taking a trip through the mammoth chapter of Psalm 119 and I would love to take you with me. Why am I taking this trip? Because I’m challenged by David’s genuine love for the Word of …

O Great Vine Music Video

his is one of the first songs we released as a music duo over 4 years ago! Many of you who follow our music and ministry have told us over the years that it’s a favorite and so we wanted to record a music video …

Give Me Faith – Music Video

This is one of our favorite songs to lead and we’re thrilled that we got to record it on the new Worship EP that we released with LifeWay last Winter. If you’d like a copy of this song or to purchase the new EP, you …

Why Do Christians Sing?

The Weekly Word is BACK! In this first episode we explain why we love to lead the song “This I Believe” in worship sets and why we ended up recording in our our latest worship project that released last February!  

Seeing Beauty

Casual glances rarely take in beauty. Beauty is found when we linger and ponder. When we take the time to meditate on what we are seeing, reading, or hearing. Beauty often requires a stillness that we rarely make time for anymore. David was many things …